Week 4: Can’t Wait to Thaw!

Rexy wants you to check out the audiobooks display and OverDrive!

It is so cold outside in Vicksburg! How cold is it? Schools are closed throughout the district today so all the kiddos can stay warm inside! That’s our plan too at the library. For anyone who is wondering, yes. We are open today despite the school closing. However, Stephanie is not holding Family Story Time today. The procedure goes that if the school district declares a snow day, then kids’ activities for the day are cancelled at the library. If you ever have questions and just want to make sure, be sure to check the webpage or feel free to give us a call.


Last week, Adrianne completed the display of The Top 25 Rated Books of 2018. So which book took the top prize? Michelle Obama’s autobiography Becoming. People everywhere are loving it and it is in high demand here at the library. All copies are currently checked out and holds are in place. So if you would like to borrow one of our copies, we recommend placing your hold today! And for anyone hoping to see the complete list of books from the display, you can take a look here in our previous blog post.

Mugs & Hugs and Family Story Time are back at it after having a winter break along with all the kiddos. While today’s Story Time was cancelled due to the freezing temperatures, snow, and school closings, we are still planning to have Mugs & Hugs this Wednesday, the 23rd at 10:30am and next week’s Family Story Time on Monday the 28th at 10:30am.


Tuesday the 22nd belongs to our seniors here at the library. First, at 9:30am, Bridge Club will be held, followed up a few hours later with Brown Bag Lunch at 12:30pm. Be sure to bring your lunch, cards, and a fun attitude and join us for a relaxing, enjoyable time.

After school on Wednesday the 23rd is all about the teens with Bulldog Break Time. Stephanie will have snacks, games, and fun for the boys and girls to unwind with for an hour.


With the departure of our book countdown, our front display now features audiobooks! If you are looking to get more reading in your life this 2019, but don’t have time to turn pages, why not try listening to an audiobook while you are driving, cleaning, or just resting instead? Our display covers different topics and age spans. We even have information about OverDrive, the library’s ebook service that gives you more audiobook choices as well! Have any questions? Give us a call at the library or come in and speak to a clerk at the Circulation Desk.


  • Tuesday the 22nd @ 9:30am: Bridge Club
  • Tuesday the 22nd @ 12:30pm: Brown Bag Lunch
  • Tuesday the 22nd @ 7:00pm: Tai Chi Practice
  • Wednesday the 23rd @ 10:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • Wednesday the 23rd @ 2:45pm: Bulldog Break Time
  • Thursday the 24th @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe ($5.00)
  • Thursday the 24th @ 6:00pm: Essential Oil Lifestyle Group
  • Monday the 28th @ 13:30am: Family Story Time
  • Monday the 28th @ 7:00pm: Quilters Class
  • Tuesday the 30th @ 1:00pm: Writer’s Roundtable
  • Thursday the 31st @ 6:30pm: Sign Language Group