Patron Recommendations & Reviews


Have you recently borrowed an item from the Vicksburg District Library and just had to share your thoughts about it? Now is your chance to be heard! We are hoping to post reviews of items from patrons on our website and social media. If you would like to submit a review, here is what you need to know…

  • The item may be from the Vicksburg District Library or obtained through MeL
  • You must include your name, a pseudonym, or “Anonymous” as the writer of the review
  • Give the title, author, and format (book, audiobook, video game, etc.) of the item being reviewed
  • Tell us about the material, good and bad, and whether you’d recommend it to others
  • Give the item a rating out of 5 stars (1 star terrible, 5 stars excellent)

Recommendations and reviews will be posted on the website, and some will be featured on social media! Patron reviews can be submitted through this form or on paper at the circulation desk. Please ask there for the paper form and leave it for Laura MacLellan.

Please note the following points about any reviews that are submitted:

  • The Vicksburg District Library reserves the right to edit a review for length, content, language, and other purposes
  • Not all reviews submitted will be used on the website or social media
  • Reviews submitted on paper in person will not be returned to the patron, but we can make a copy for you
  • All submitted reviews become the property of Vicksburg District Library
  • Foul language and/or explicit content in a review will not be tolerated and the review automatically rejected
  • Any review submitted will not be used by the Vicksburg District Library to commercially promote an item, product, or author on its website