Week 38: One Last Week of Warm Days

I was rather amazed to look at the Weather Channel app on my phone this morning to find that the dwindlingdays of summer are working to give Michigan one last hurrah this coming week. Temperatures are going to be spiking in the mid-80s, leaving fall jackets to wait another week for use. If you’re like me, you’ll be craving to get in one last marshmallow or s’more over the bonfire.

Last week, the library settled into the transition of the school year normal. School age patrons have returned to their classes and mainly visit in the afternoons and evenings. Senior citizen patrons tend to come in mostly during the day just before or after lunch. Our infant and toddler patrons get in for story time events before catching naptime in the early afternoon. So slowly, but surely, we have all settled into our new routine until we reach Thanksgiving break in a few months.

That being said, we have a couple of events coming up this week that you should definitely keep on your calendars!

This Wednesday, September 19th, from 10:00 to 11:00, we will be having Party in the Park for our daycare and preschool kids! The event, taking place at the Vicksburg Historic Village, will include a free book for each participant, costumed characters, and lots of stories. Be sure to REGISTER for this event and contact us with any questions.

Also coming up later this week will be Brown Bag Lunch for our adult community. On Tuesday, September 18th from 12:30 to 3:30, bring in a sack lunch and visit with friends and companions.

The work on our updated website continues. One feature we are working to roll out is our PATRON REVIEW section! We are asking you, our patrons, to let us know what you think about an item you borrowed from the Vicksburg District Library. Was there a book you just couldn’t put down? Did an audiobook you listened to have you on the edge of your seat? Did the latest video game we just got in have you up playing all hours of the night? Well, we want to hear about it! In exchange for your review, it could be featured on our library blog, website, and social media. So don’t be afraid to fill out the FORM and let us know your thoughts!

Please keep these OTHER EVENTS in mind for the next week:

  • September 20th @ 6:00pm: Library Board Meeting
  • September 24th @ 7:00pm: Quilter’s Class
  • September 26th @ 1:00pm: Writer’s Roundtable
  • September 27th @ 6:30pm: Sign Language Class