Week 31: Crisis averted! Back to full strength!

After our catalog went down with the Verso update, we are back up and running! Thanks for being patient and understanding with us on Saturday and Monday.

Hey everyone! We hope you had a great weekend! If you’ve been paying attention to everything at the Vicksburg District Library, you know that things got a bit chaotic over the weekend. Verso, our cataloging system, underwent a massive update that did not go as smoothly as the product’s company had hoped for and the system crashed (not just for us, but for everyone who uses the Verso!) This made things go not as easily as they usually do for a Monday morning. Ugh. The good news is that while system is back online, we at the Library are still working out some of the minor bugs. We just kindly ask for your patience while we work on getting back to 100%. Of course, if you have any questions, you are always able to contact us at (269) 649-1648 or at info@vicksburglibrary.org.

This Week

Summer Adventure concludes this week! Be sure to turn in all of your filled out slips and challenges so you can be entered to win one of our grand prize baskets. Also join us for one of two Reading Challenge celebration parties on Wednesday the 31st so you can collect your free book from Youth Librarian Stephanie! Awesome!

The Vicksburg District Library has rolled out a new webpage where you can register for a number of events scheduled for this fall and the next Card Making Workshop with Sue and Linda! The tab is located on the left, blue menu on the library’s webpage. Be sure to check it out!

Check It Out

Yes, it seems like it’s forever away, but we have your resources ready for the 2020 Census! Along with posting so you can find temporary work with the US Census Bureau, the page lists articles related to how to fill out the Census and what exactly the collected information is used for.

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday the 30th @ 9:30am: Bridge Club
  • Tuesday the 30th @ 7:00pm: Tai Chi Practice
  • Wednesday the 31st @ 10:30am: Reading Challenge Celebration
  • Wednesday the 31st @ 1:00pm: Writer’s Roundtable
  • Wednesday the 31st @ 6:30pm: Reading Challenge Celebration
  • Thursday the 1st @ 9:00am: Adult Book Club
  • Thursday the 1st @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe ($5.00)