Week 49: Holiday Fun This Week

Over the weekend, the snow melted with the warmer air and all the rain. That hasn’t stopped the library from getting dolled up for the Christmas season though. Evergreen is starting to grace our shelves with ornaments here and there. We think Charlie Brown would be proud!

This Week

Adult Book Club is coming up on Thursday, December 6th at 9:00am. We will be discussing books we read for the theme of space. All are welcome to discuss fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between having to do with outer space and the mysteries beyond Earth. Coffee, tea, and bagels will be served. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Adrianne.

If you are attending Vicksburg’s Christmas in the Village this Saturday, December 8th, be sure to look out for the Vicksburg District Library’s truck in the parade! Stephanie and Adrianne will be decorating a Ford F-150 with lights, blasting holiday tunes, and participating in all of the Christmas cheer. Be sure to give the truck with all of our festive book elves a wave as we drive by!

Check It Out

With 2018 coming to an end, we are counting down the top ranked books of the year (owned by the Vicksburg District Library, of course)! Based on scores, ratings, and comments from Amazon, Google Books, NPR, and Goodreads, the top 25 books in fiction, non-fiction, and young adult have been found. Every day, we will reveal the next ranked pick, starting with number 25. But no fear if you just can’t wait. We also have the full list available if you are too curious to find out what was the number 1 book in 2018!

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, December 4th @ 9:30am: Bridge Club
  • Tuesday, December 4th @ 12:30pm: Brown Bag Lunch
  • Tuesday, December 4th @ 7:00pm: Tai Chi Practice
  • Wednesday, December 5th @ 10:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • Thursday, December 6th @ 9:00am: Adult Book Club
  • Thursday, December 6th @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe
  • Saturday, December 8th @ 3:00pm: Christmas in the Village (within downtown Vicksburg and not at the library)
  • Monday, December 10th @ 10:30am: Family Story Time
  • Tuesday, December 11th @ 12:30pm: Homeschool Book Club
  • Friday, December 14th @ 1:00pm: Ladies Library Auxiliary
  • Monday, December 24TH & Tuesday, December 25th: LIBRARY CLOSED! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Week 48: Shoveling into the Holiday Season

Welcome back from the extended Thanksgiving weekend everyone! If you are like us, you are still digging yourself out of the blizzard snow and ice. After having to close unexpectedly yesterday, the walks are shoveled and sanded and our doors are open for you. What a way to kick off the winter season, right? And it’s not even December yet. We hope you had a fabulously full holiday weekend, however.

This Week

Writer’s Round Table will be meeting on Wednesday at 1:00pm in the meeting room. The topic for this month is heroes. Who is your hero and what do they mean to you?

Our next Sign Language Class will meet in the Heritage Room on Thursday at 6:30pm. Every level from beginner to expert is welcome to join us in learning this form of communication.

Check It Out

With Christmas approaching in less than a month, our DVD display has been transformed to include all of our holiday favorites, from Home Alone to Frosty the Snowman. Come and grab a movie or two to enjoy and get in the mood for the Christmas season!

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday the 27th @ 7:00pm: Tai Chi Practice
  • Wednesday the 28th @ 10:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • Wednesday the 28th @ 1:00pm: Writer’s Roundtable
  • Wednesday the 28th @ 2:45pm: Bulldog Break Time
  • Wednesday the 28th @ 5:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In
  • Thursday the 29th @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe ($5.00)
  • Thursday the 29th @ 6:30pm: Sign Language Class
  • Saturday the 1st @ 10:00am: Quilters Group
  • Monday the 3rd @ 10:30am: Family Story Time
  • Thursday the 6th @ 9:00am: Adult Book Club
  • Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th: LIBRARY CLOSED! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Monday the 31st and Tuesday the 1st: LIBRARY CLOSED! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at the Vicksburg District Library, may you have a warm and festive Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Please remember that we will be closed Thursday, November 22nd in observance of Thanksgiving Day. We will open at our normal hours once more on Friday morning. In order to avoid a rush, we recommend you pick up your library materials as early as possible on Wednesday. Travel safe and eat well everyone!

Week 47: That Amazing Scent

Do you smell that in the air? That sweet scent that is extra special during Thanksgiving? That’s right. I’m talking about pie! While many people are all about pumpkin spice everything, I can’t help but go for the classic apple pie after filling up on Thanksgiving turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. So which is your go to dessert? Fill out our fun survey to share the sweetness!

Last Week

On Wednesday this last week, the kids took over the meeting room. Not only did Stephanie hold the usual Mugs & Hugs for the little ones in the morning, but the big kids got to romp around for Bulldog Break Time and ReCharge in the afternoon. Movies were watched (as the projector is now up and running once more), games were played, and a good time de-stressing was had.

This Week

This week is going to be quiet with the upcoming holiday weekend, but Brown Bag Lunch will be held on Tuesday, November 20th at 12:30pm in the meeting room for any adults who wish to bring in their lunch and spend some time with us in the library.

Heads Up!

The Vicksburg District Library will be closed this Thursday in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Please make sure you come in and get any materials you would want for the day by Wednesday evening. We will be open once again for our regular hours on Friday morning. In addition, the schedule of holiday closings is now posted on the homepage of the library website. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this, please feel free to contact us at 269-649-1648.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday the 19th @ 10:30am: Family Story Time
  • Monday the 19th @ 5:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In
  • Tuesday the 20th @ 9:30am: Bridge Club
  • Tuesday the 20th @ 12:30pm: Brown Bag Lunch
  • Tuesday the 20th @7:00pm: Tai Chi Practice
  • Monday the 26th @ 10:30am: Family Story Time

From all of us here at the Vicksburg District Library, we hope you have a lovely weekend and Thanksgiving holiday!

Week 46: The Snow Has Landed

Well, when you’re right, you’re right. In last week’s blog post, I said it wouldn’t be long until we saw the dreaded four letter S word, SNOW. On Friday, the white stuff made its grand appearance! We were blessed with a few inches for this first snowfall, only to have most of it melt away by the weekend’s end. While the library does look rather pretty with a nice coating of the fluff, here’s to a warm and festive holiday season without worry or stress. By the way, I just realized that Thanksgiving is next week. Let that sink in and shock you!

Last Week

National Novel Writing Month continued with two write ins, one of each on Monday evening and Friday afternoon. Participants who are keeping up should be reaching just over 20,000 words by the end of today in order to keep up. Librarian Adrianne confessed that she was sick over the weekend and didn’t write, so she has some catching up to do to the tune of just over 5,000 words. Whoops! Write ins at the library will be held tonight (Monday the 12th) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and Friday the 16th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

This Week

On Tuesday the 13th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Homeschool Book Club will be meeting to discuss their selections for graphic novels! Students from 3rd to 8th grade are invited to bring a bag lunch and talk about all the artful stories they read with Stephanie.

Wednesday the 14th belongs to the Vicksburg kids! From 2:45pm to 3:45pm, teens from 6th to 12th grade are invited to come join in for games, snacks, and chilling at the library with Bulldog Break Time. Then from 4:00pm to 5:00pm, the 4th and 5th graders get their turn with ReCharge! No parents allowed!

Check It Out!

‘Tis the season to feel good on the inside! Through the long Thanksgiving weekend, the library is displaying movies that are made to make you feel warm and mushy! Selections range from kid friendly family flicks to dramas of the heart. All movies are available to rent for 5 days and many more besides what’s displayed are available in our collection. Come and select one or two to take home for the big holiday (and, of course, stay in and avoid the Black Friday madness outside).

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday the 12th @ 5:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In
  • Tuesday the 13th @9:30am: Bridge Club
  • Tuesday the 13th @ 12:30pm: Homeschool Book Club
  • Wednesday the 14th @ 10:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • Wednesday the 14th @ 2:45pm: Bulldog Break Time
  • Wednesday the 14th @ 4:00pm: ReCharge!
  • Thursday the 15th @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed ($5.00 admission)
  • Thursday the 15th @ 6:00pm: Library Board Meeting
  • Friday the 16th @ 2:30pm NaNoWriMo Write In

Week 45: Moving Right Along

Happy November one and all! Wasn’t Halloween wonderful this year? The warmer air was perfect for trick-or-treating in the evening. It wasn’t nearly as bitter as it has been in years past. But now the temps are dropping into the 40s and it won’t be long before that dreaded four letter S word shows up…SNOW!

Last Week

Halloween ruled supreme last week! During Mugs & Hugs, Stephanie led the little ones through the main floor for a fun costume parade. Then in the evening, Linda passed out candy and other treats on the front lawn for all of our trick-or-treaters in her spooky, fun tent. There were sugary sweet grins all around the library!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) kicked off on Thursday with Adrianne with the Goodie Bag Giveaway. Then on Friday, the first Write In of the month was held. The group of participants wrote their novels to word sprints and leftover Halloween candy, enjoying some tunes and comradery as they sprinted towards their word goals. Any participants who are keeping up with their writing work should be reaching 11,669 words by the end of Wednesday.

This Week

Two more Write Ins for NaNoWriMo are being held this week. Adrianne encourages all writers in the area to come to the library and join in! There are leftover goodie bags up for grabs and attendees are entitled to one when they come in. Write Ins will be held Monday the 5th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and Friday the 9th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Please note that Friday’s Write In will be held in the Heritage Room on the main floor of the library.

The Ladies Library Auxiliary will be holding their monthly meeting on Friday the 9th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in the Meeting Room on the lower level.

Check It Out!

New displays are up in the library! Near the front, there are books on writing and manuals galore to encourage our writers for National Novel Writing Month. In the back by the fireplace, the display is all about SPACE! The Adult Book Club will be reading all books having to do with space, space exploration, science fiction, et cetera for the month of November. Adult Book Club will be meeting on the 6th of December at 9:00am to discuss what they chose to read.

Dates to Remember

  • November 5th @ 10:30am: Family Story Time
  • November 5th @ 5:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In
  • November 6th @ 9:30am: Bridge Club
  • November 6th @ 12:30pm: Brown Bag Lunch
  • November 7th @ 10:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • November 8th @ 10:45am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe ($5.00)
  • November 8th @ 6:30pm: Sign Language Class
  • November 9th @ 1:00pm: Ladies Library Auxiliary
  • November 9th @ 2:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In
  • November 10th @ 10:00am: SW Michigan Button Club

Happy Halloween!

From all of us here at the Vicksburg Library, we hope you have a spooky, fun, and safe Halloween. Be sure to bring your little ones over from 5:00 to 7:00 tonight for trick-or-treating on the library lawn! Happy haunting!

Week 44: Spooky Times Ahead

So did you buy candy for your trick-or-treaters yet? Have your costume at the ready? I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Halloween is Wednesday! That’s right. It’s the official start to the …gulp… holiday season. Yikes! I feel like I just used a dirty word by saying that. Next is the turkey and pie, then the Christmas lights go up, then happy new year! Are you ready for all of that? Because I know I totally am not.

Last Week

On Friday night, the Revelry Theatre put on Murder by the Slice as a Murder Mystery fundraiser for the Vicksburg District Library. The SOLD OUT production was greatly received and everyone enjoyed themselves (with the exception of the victims, of course). Various pies, coffee, and fun times were shared during the show. We will be posting photos from the event to our Instagram account later this morning, so be sure to check them out!

This Week

Halloween is certainly taking the center stage this week. Not only will Stephanie be hosting a special, spooky edition of Mugs & Hugs on Wednesday from 10:30am – 11:30am, but the Vicksburg District Library will also be hosting Trick-or-Treating for all the kiddos outside of the library from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. So stop by and be sure to pick up a sweet treat with us!

On Thursday morning at 9:00am, Adrianne will be hosting Adult Book Club by the fireplace. We will be discussing our selections from Stephen King and going over what makes the writer so hauntingly addictive.

Also on Thursday, we will be kicking off our first year of National Novel Writing Month! We will be giving away writing goodie bags to those participants who stop into the Vicksburg District Library. Goodie bags are available on a first come, first serve basis, so come in early to get yours. Then throughout the month, we will be holding Write In events in the meeting room. Be sure to check the calendar to see when Write Ins are held, and be sure to come join us for some writing fun during the fall chaos! Have any questions about NaNoWriMo? Be sure to check out our page Everything You Need to Know About NaNoWriMo!

Check It Out!

In the mood to watch something fun and ghoulish? Our DVD display is set up for Halloween with everything from horrifying thrillers to kiddo friendly fun! Be sure to stop in and grab a flick or two in case of rain and icky weather on Wednesday.

Dates to Remember…

  • Tuesday the 30th 9:30am – noon: Bridge Club
  • Wednesday the 31st 10:30am – 11:30am: Mugs & Hugs
  • Wednesday the 31st 5:00pm – 7:00pm: Trick-or-Treating
  • Thursday the 1st 9:00am – 10:00am: Adult Book Club
  • Thursday the 1st 10:00am – 8:30pm: NaNoWriMo Goodie Bag Giveaway
  • Thursday the 1st 10:45am – 11:30am: Tai Chi with Ed Kehoe
  • Friday the 2nd 2:30pm – 4:30pm: NaNoWriMo Write In