Rooms for Use

The following rooms are available for use in the Vicksburg District Library. If you are interested in booking one of our rooms, please read the details below and contact us at (269) 649-1648. We will be happy to assist you.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room holds a capacity of up to six people and is free of charge to patrons. No food is allowed in the Quiet Room. The room is available to book for small events such as meetings and tutoring. Please contact the library to schedule.

Meeting Room

Our Meeting Room is an excellent place to host a meeting.

The Library has a meeting room open for use by community groups. If you live in the Library District and can conform to the use guidelines you may book the room. If you are a non-profit group that is open to anyone, the use is free of charge. Current users include a bridge club, quilting club, Girl Scout groups, Battle of the Books groups, and NaNoWriMo. If you are interested, you will need to come in and fill out a request form or we can fax or e-mail one to you.

Seating Capacity: 100 Chairs


In accordance with the Michigan Public Accommodations Act, these tax supported facilities may be used only by those groups whose membership is open to all groups or persons without restriction based on race, sex, religion, etc. Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis.

The meeting room may be reserved for use by local educational, civic, cultural, community, professional or governmental groups. Local is defined as within the area contributing financially to the support of the library

Library use of the room takes precedence over all uses. If the library finds it necessary to cancel a scheduled activity, it will notify the person on the application.

Religious groups may use the meeting room for non-sectarian, interdenominational or educational programs. Permission to use library facilities does not imply approval of the group, the meeting or ideas presented at the meeting.

Approved uses of the meeting room do not include those that charge admission or money-making projects except by persons or groups affiliated with or sponsored by the library.

A representative from the sponsoring organization who is 21 or older must sign a reservation form at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. This representative must read this policy statement and be responsible for the observance of its provisions.


The library cannot provide personnel for supervision or assistance in handling of exhibits or other materials needed by groups using the room. The user is responsible for all table and chair arrangements and for their removal. Nothing may be permanently affixed to the walls.

Light refreshment may be served if noted on the application form and with prior approval of the Library Director. There is no smoking in the library and no drugs or alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises.

The room must be left clean and in its original condition. Full responsibility for any loss or damage from use of the room must be assumed by the organization and its representative reserving the room.

The library reserves the right to refuse the use of the room to groups having record of causing noise, acts of vandalism or incitement to riot in either the library or other public buildings.

Storage of equipment and materials of any group is at the discretion of the Library Director and must be noted on the application form.

Audiovisual equipment is available and should be reserved when the room reservation is made.


  • No Charge (Group I) Library related groups
  • No Charge (Group II) Community Groups meeting to promote the civic and/or educational welfare of the local community
  • No Charge (Group III) Groups of district residents meeting to learn a skill or socialize who follow all regulations related to use of the room. (This group includes bridge players, quilters, watercolor enthusiasts, scrapbookers, soccer clubs and scouts.)
  • $35 (Group IV) Local individuals for private use. Paid in advance.
  • $65 (Group V) Local groups for profit. Paid in advance
  • $100 (Group VI) Out of district users. Paid in advance
  • $10 per item Use of AV equipment. Paid in advance
  • $5 per 30min for staff operator of projection system (half hour minimum)
  • $25 Deposit – refundable for AV Equipment

You can download our Meeting Room Use Application, fill it out, and bring it in with you when you apply to rent a room.