TWEEN PROGRAMS (4th & 5th Grade)

Tweens in grades 4 & 5 are invited to Recharge at the Library!

Come hang out for an hour.  Play the WIIU, do some crafts, snacks, & more!

(Parents do not need to attend with tweens.)


Upcoming Dates…

March 15 – please note the date change!!!

April 12

4:00-5:00 p.m.







Dates for 2017 … March 18, April 8, May 13

All programs meet 1:00-4:30 pm.

 Registration is not required.  Teens in grades 6-12 are invited. 

If you’re a first time player or an experienced gamer please join us on a quest!




Questions, Comments or Ideas?

1. Email Mrs. W at
2. Visit the Library
3. Call Vicksburg District Library at 649-1648

Vicksburg District Library • 215 S. Michigan Ave. • Vicksburg, MI 49097 • 269-649-1648