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  1. What is the title of the second Star Trek film in the new reboot series that began in 2009?
  2. Natives of which European capital city are known as Varsovians?
  3. The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the US, was dedicated in what year?
  4. In March 2017, what news outlet was interviewing university professor Robert E. Kelly when his kids and wife unexpectedly appeared on camera?
  5. In 2010, what device was touted by its company as “a magical and revolutionary device” and sold over 300,000 units on day 1?
  6. In what hit song does Lady Gaga make this card-game reference: “I wanna hold ‘em like they do in Texas?”
  7. What was Old Mother Hubbard searching for in the cupboard?
  8. What flashy, orange-clad golfer marked his golf balls with Bible verses at the 2010 Ryder Cup?
  9. What two words describe a group of people who perform a rehearsed action in a public place, then disperse quickly?
  10. In 1980, what nefarious Dallas character was the subject of a third-season-finale cliffhanger that kept fans guessing who shot him for eight months?
  11. What Hollywood newspaper famous for its slang ceased daily publication in 2013, after 80 years of “boffo” news?
  12. Which movie character was made an official citizen of the Shinjuku section of Tokyo in 2015?
  13. What country is the largest producer of tulips, growing more than 4 billion bulbs in 2014?
  14. What is another name for someone who is a somnambulist?
  15. In 1998, what quarterback finally nabbed a ring after three unsuccessful tries, when the Broncos upset the Packers to win 31-24?


  1. In 2016, what shopping day was bigger in the US than Black Friday?
    • Cyber Monday
  2. What did Finnish reindeer herders hope to avoid in 2014 by spray-painting the animals’ antlers with glow-in-the-dark paint?
    • Car accidents
  3. How many single squares are there in a chessboard?
    • 64
  4. What is the name for the short sheaths on the end of shoelaces?
    • Aglets
  5. What Communist nation tried to solve its exploding population problem by instituting a one-child-only policy in 1979?
    • China
  6. What were the first basketball hoops made from?
    • Peach baskets
  7. What state is home to Walrus Island’s Archaeological District, which was named a national landmark in 2016?
    • Alaska
  8. Which three noisy characters would you find on a box of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies?
    • Snap, Crackle, and Pop
  9. What is the traditional dish served at Wimbledon?
    • Strawberries and cream
  10. What Texas journalist began his 24-year career as news anchor on the CBS Evening News on March 9, 1981?
    • Dan Rather
  11. What comedian is the subject of both a song and a film titled Man on the Moon?
    • Andy Kaufman
  12. What Canadian city celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2008?
    • Québec City
  13. In which post-apocalyptic 2009 film does Woody Harrelson play a man on a mission to find a Twinkie?
    • Zombieland
  14. Which South American country, the longest in the world at 2,647 miles, finally legalized divorce in 2005?
    • Chile
  15. Which Roman Catholic dignitary’s trip to LA prompted a prankster to change the iconic “Hollywood” sign to read “Holywood” in 1987?
    • Pope John Paul II