Adult Reading Lists

The following books are recommended reading for adults over varying subjects. Please note not all of the books on these lists may be owned by the Vicksburg District Library. Thank you.

Books That Everyone Should Read at Least Once

The name says it all! Books that have an impact on lives and promote thought.

Best Books of the 20th Century

Voted on by Goodreads users, this list can also be narrowed down by decade to find your favorites.

Popular Non-Fiction

This Goodreads list is constantly updated with the non-fiction books people are reading and talking about all around the world.

The Guardian’s 100 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time

Whether you are reading to learn or just get informed, this list from the Guardian lists the best non-fiction ever published.

Suggested Reading for Fighting Racism & Prejudice

In response to the 2020 anti-racism movement, the following list features selections about fighting racism, the history of slavery in America, and how to address racism in the current political climate.

Popular Biographies

This list from Goodreads is updated with the most popular biographies around!

Bookbub’s 40 Best Biographies of All Time

From the book sale website BookBub, what they feel are the best personal stories ever told.