Vicksburg Community Information

The Library’s district covers an area in the center of the southern tier of Michigan’s Kalamazoo County. The area is just 10 miles east of Portage, 12 miles southeast of Kalamazoo, and 15 miles north of Three Rivers. Like many agricultural communities, it is changing to more residential use. There are beautiful lakes, trees, and fields. The area is peaceful and the schools are excellent.

The original library of Vicksburg, dedicated by Fanny M. Bair in 1902. The newer addition is hidden in the photo.

The following list features links to local governments, businesses, and agencies within the greater Vicksburg area. Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to these resources.

Village of Vicksburg

Established 1871.

Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce

“The Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce serves the businesses that are serving the Vicksburg community. The goals of the Chamber is to make people aware of the businesses in the community and to enable new families moving into the area to find resources such as utilities, education and local government information.”

Vicksburg Community Schools

“Traditions in excellence.”

Vicksburg Downtown Development Authority

“Downtown Vicksburg will be a premier destination which embraces our rich heritage by showcasing unique boutiques in historic store fronts, and offering dynamic dining, event and entertainment experiences along the shores of Sunset Lake.”

Vicksburg Historical Society

Formed in 1967.

Brady Township

“First township in Kalamazoo County, est. 1830.”

Schoolcraft Township

Established 1842.

South County Community Services

“The only human service agency dedicated to serving the 25,000 residents who live in the southern tier of Kalamazoo County.”

South County News

“Serving Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, and surrounding areas.”