New and Updated Website

Welcome to the new and updated website for the Vicksburg District Library! Webmaster Adrianne has been busy working on bringing a more user friendly site to the library’s patrons. Thus far, it looks like it is paying off!

Overall, the layout and format of the website are what have changed. However, we are working to bring you the same access and information that we always have, plus more!

We are hoping to add more resources in the future for your use. This includes homework websites for students, information about upcoming programs and events, and reading lists for our avid readers. We are also looking for more ways to reach our patrons through social media and have you, the patron, contribute to the library through suggestions and material reviews. If you are interested, just let us know!

If you have any comments or suggestions for the new website, be sure to let Adrianne know at her email. She is hoping to hear from you and is hoping you enjoy the new website experience!